Mago! Tego umbata salakupo.
Mr. Eye  [ItN]
No, no one knows about planet Silox.
Vendra Prog  [ItN]

Silox was a haunted oceanic planet in the Polaris Galaxy's most haunted sector, the Zarkov Sector, residing on Zarkov Sector's southwest border, which bordered the Cerullean Sector. It was located south of planet Thram and west of planet Yerek in the Zarkov Sector.

Silox was also visibly affected by the "haunting", as seen on the mission screen.


Originally highly populated, Silox hosted a large population, particularly in the Weeblesnog City. Under Mayor Gumblebrick term, the planet began to appear haunted, as "ghosts" (Nethers) began to appear and strike terror across the Silox and elsewhere in the Zarkov Sector. Gumblebrick and others attempted fix the situation, ranging from attempting to befriend the spectral beings to vaporizing them with powerful defense laser cannons, but in the end all efforts had failed miserable. After the Galactic President issued a Alpha-9, Silox along with other worlds in the sector were ordered to relocate to a non-haunted sector. In a matter of days, Silox was basically completely abandoned. The reason for the appearances of the Nethers was the result of Vendra Prog's and Neftin Prog's meddling with transdimensional technology. Silox, specifically Weeblesnog City, served as research ground to bring the Netherverse to their universe. As a decade passed by, the Weeblesnog City was soon occupied by not just the Nethers but also Thugs-4-Less, who had been hired to by Neftin Prog to serve as muscle.




​Silox Technology


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