Sigma 0426A, but you can call me Sigmund. I'm Junior Caretaker here at the Great Clock.
―Sigmund introduces himself to Clank  [ACiT]

Sigma 0426A, nicknamed Sigmund, was a manitence robot that Clank befriended while trapped in the Great Clock by Nefarious. He was originally a cleaner bot on planet Viceron before being selected by Orvus to be Junior Caretaker of the Great Clock.[1] He showed Clank around the facility while explaining the Clock's function and abilities. Sigmund was shown to dislike confrontations, and would often hide himself in the broom closet whenever there was trouble.

After helping Clank complete his new duties as Senior Caretaker, Sigmund accompanied Clank into the Orvus Chamber but was immobilised along with Clank by Lawrence who had been following them. He later helped Ratchet and Clank escape planet Morklon by creating a time portal for them. Later, Alister Azimuth attempted to access the Orvus Chamber, prompting Sigmund to try and stop him. He managed to land a few hits on the General before being thrown back by an energy blast. After the battle, Sigmund was promoted to Senior Caretaker by Clank.


  • Sigmund was originally a cleaner bot on planet Viceron before Orvus hired him as the Junior Caretaker of the Great Clock.
  • Sigmund also stated that he was not much of a fighter when he was showing Clank around the Great Clock. However, in desperate times, he was shown to be very resourceful. When Azimuth attempted to enter the Orvus Chamber, Sigmund was able to hold him off long enough for Clank to reach the Chamber. This resourcefulness is shown again when in the Orvus Chamber when he, despite the strength difference, used his cuckoo bird in his chest to land a few hits on Azimuth before being thrown back.
  • According to the Orvus Program in Clank's subconscious, Sigmund's head was full of broken sprockets and cartoons.
  • On his computer, Sigmund had the Breegus Almanac installed so that he could find past events that occurred in the Breegus System so that he could manipulate time about them.

Sigmund in A Crack in Time

Behind the scenes

Sigmund was voiced by video game and film actor, Nolan North.


Notes and references

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