The red team's base in siege

Siege is a multiplayer mode on Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

In Siege, the main objective is to capture the opposing team's base. In order to do so, you must destroy the two Gatling Turrets defending the enemy team's home, infiltrate the base, and destroy the power core.

Each base consists of a cuboid building surrounded by two Gatling Turrets, two missile turrets, two troopers and map specific defenses. There are several nodes around the map which the team can capture to obtain Hovercrafts, Turbosliders and Drones. A captured node serves as a spawn point for the team. The nodes are guarded by rangers and turrets, even when not captured by either team. Nodes, base defenses and vehicles can all be enabled or disabled separately in the advanced options.

In Attrition Siege, a variation of this game mode, capturing nodes increases the amount of damage, health and accuracy of the base defenses and all nodes captured by your team. The base health meter shows your Attrition progress on the bottom half.

Maps supporting siege


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