Siberius was an icy planet which was home to the Frozen Base used by the Unknown Thief, and was the location where the thief tried to destroy the Protopet. The thief was foiled by Ratchet, who retrieved the Protopet and returned it to Abercrombie Fizzwidget. The planet was similar to Hoven and the water on Siberius was also similar to the water on Hoven and Grelbin. Ratchet would freeze if he touched it. Siberius was located in the Bogon Galaxy. An Expedition Convoy blocks Ratchets path. He must board the last truck and traverse each truck to reach the thief.

The planet appeared in the Secret Agent Clank movie premiere, Clank hoverboarded through the icy wastes chased by two Ninja Bots, and defeats Maximillian with Skrunch's help.

Characters on Siberius



Up Your Arsenal

  • Y.E.T.I. (cutscene only; Secret Agent Clank premiere)


Going Commado


The Frozen Base, located within planet Siberius

Up Your Arsenal

  • Ninja Bot (cutscene only; Secret Agent Clank premiere)



  • A way to save on ammo when an enemy comes was to shoot an icicle when the enemy was underneath it. One good way was using the Lancer to conserve the ammo of other weapons. The icicle didn't have to be at a certain height - as long as the enemy was underneath it, the enemy would be killed.
  • Siberius was a small level, but Ratchet spent most of the time on the Big trucks.
  • After the fight with the Thief, Ratchet will shoot down the Protopet with the Heavy Lancer, this will always happen even if the player does not upgrade the original Lancer
  • Ratchet is able to go to the Big Truck's route via glitching, but it is invisible.
  • It has the same background as Tabora.


  • Siberius was probably named after the region Siberia in Eastern Russia. This was because they share an icy climate.


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