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Sharpshooters were cyborg snipers in green glowing armor with gas masks. They will try to snipe targets with their rifle and sniper skills. It was possible see if you were being targeted by a Sharpshooter by looking for a red laser. They would also lob time grenades if you get close. They would melee with their guns if you get too close. These were also tough, and if you were spotted by one, it was best take evasive action and take cover. To get rid of one, stay at a far distance and give them a taste of their own medicine with the Flux Rifle. Sharpshooters were first met on planet Daxx, Research Facility.


This sapient species general appearance was that of a green humanoid with webbed feet, yellow eyes and heads similar to that of the species in which The Plumber belongs to. Their mouths were covered with some form of mask at all times, suggesting they couldn't breath in oxygen. Certain members of this species were capable of doing a spinning kick that could throw the Lombax backwards.


These extraterrestrials, much like the Tyhrranoids, were in cahoots with Dr. Nefarious.[1] Many of them patrolled Nefarious's Research Facility on planet Daxx and the Zeldrin Starport orbiting planet Zeldrin in the Joraal Nebula. Others; however, had occupied the small moon of Obani Pollux, one of several moons orbiting planet Obani in the Zygan System, with the intent of protecting a shield generator projecting an Omega Class Disintegration Field around Obani Draco, which was where the Biobliterator was being tested at.


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