Pool Shark
I'm sure there's a very good reason for exporting killer fish
Ratchet  [R&C (PS4)]
Artwork Character Pool Shark

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Sharkigators, also called Pool Sharks or Sewer Sharks, were a dangerous species of killer fish native to the Solana Galaxy.


A Sharkigator and several Puffoids were amongst the aquatic creatures being shipped across Aleero City via train. The Sharkigator continuously attempts to eat the Puffoids.

They also appeared naturally in the oceans on Rilgar and Pokitaru. If Ratchet falls into the water, he will quickly be devoured by one of these animals. They are also fought in the sewers, and can be killed if beached by the Hydrodisplacer.

On Kalebo III, after Ratchet uses the Hydrodisplacer to stop the flood at the Gadgetron Sponsored Hoverboard Race, several of these Killer Fish are beached in the Hoverboard Track.


As an environmental threat

Non-attackable Sharkigators were found throughout the Solana Galaxy and and were the creatures that ate anyone who decided to swim too far from land. They could be found lurking in the water on any level that did not require the player to swim, making the sharks act as a deterrent for players straying too far from anywhere else in the level besides the set path.

As an enemy

Sharkigators were encountered as fightable enemies in the sewers on Rilgar and Pokitaru that ate Ratchet only if he was in water. When the Hydrodisplacer is used to beach them, a single swing of the wrench would kill the enemy. These were the only times that the Pool Sharks could be attacked.


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