Shadow of the Robot Vid-comic

Shadow of the Robot

Shadow of the Robot

The Shadow of the Robot was the third issue in the "Qwark vs. Nefarious" vid-comic series which could be played in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. The Unnamed Qwark vid-comic would appear to be the beta level of this vid-comic.


This issue picked up where the second one, Arriba Amoeba! left off. Qwark hung onto Nefarious' shuttle for six days when they finally arrived at the Doctor's secret base on Planet Magmos. Qwark then disguised himself (first as a trash can, then as a pizza delivery lady) hoping to get inside the laboratory. However, unbeknownst to Qwark, Nefarious was watching his every move. Having seen through his poor disguise, Nefarious assured that he would "have a special surprise waiting for him."

Qwark fought his way through the base and teleported himself right to Nefarious. Although Nefarious claimed Qwark to be no match for him, Qwark scoffed, saying that he used to beat up geeks like him in high school. But, as Qwark saw the doctor's face, he realized that he looked very familiar and had a flash-back to his 9th Grade biology class (something that Nefarious always hated). At the school he and Qwark went to, Nefarious was once "that freak with the headgear" and Qwark (who was three times Nefarious's size and 26-years-old at the time) constantly bullied him by pouring chemicals onto Nefarious, cleaning the chalkboard with Nefarious's pants (while he was still wearing them) and giving him nuclear wedgies, among other things. Qwark attempted to give Nefarious a wedgie for old times' sake but accidentally knocked Nefarious down to the fiery pits below. As Qwark walked away, thinking that Nefarious was gone forever, a robotic claw broke through the machinery behind him, foreshadowing the rise of the new, powerful Dr. Nefarious.