Shaar scenery
Tonight on DreadZone, Team Darkstar embarks on a journey through the hallowed grounds of planet Shaar.

Shaar was an icy planet that was the site of various mysterious ancient temples. The endless expanse of the icy tundra made survival a struggle. Little was known about the nature of the temples or who built them, although the existence of "the Ancient Guardians of Shaar" was briefly mentioned by DreadZone paint jobs. The natives of this world; however, have vanished, either they migrated elsewhere or had become extinct. Their ancient and priceless temples remain in good condition however, despite years of neglect. Sadly, one of these temples was destroyed, on high definition video, by Ratchet of Team Darkstar as part of a DreadZone course.


Throughoutit's history, Shaar has always been a frozen world, having never once featured a period of warmth.[1]

At some point in it's history, Shaar gave rise to an ancient civilization, whom built the Temple of Shaar, this ancient temple was defended by the Guardians of the Temple of Shaar. However, this ancient civilization either became extinct or vanished.

As years have passed, numerous groups of colonists, explorers, pirates and smugglers have all attempted to colonize this world, however all attempts have failed due to extreme whether. Remains of these attempts are evident, given the large number of frozen skeletons that lie buried under the snow.[2]

The Gleeman Vox Media Empire eventually colonized this world, turning it into yet another DreadZone Battlecourse. Ratchet, Merc and Green were sent here hear at part of DreadZone episode, which resulted in the destruction of the Temple of Shaar.

Following the death Gleeman Vox and the Gleeman Vox Media Empire, control of Shaar was lost.

Climate and Terrain

Shaar is a planet of icy waters and frozen landscapes. Shaar appears to have constant snowfall year round. The outskirts of the battlecourse on Shaar show frozen icebergs floating in the distance, on what appears to be a large ocean.

Places of Interest


Unknown and unseen, they natives appear to have died off long ago. They built the Temple of Shaar long ago and even had brave warriors to defend it known as the Guardians of the Temple of Shaar.

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