Sentinel bot

A Sentinel bot in Qwark's Hideout

Sentinel bots were security devices that were an exact copy of the MegaCorp Sentinels. These hovering machines searched the ground with their spotlights. When an intruder was found, they triggered an alarm, causing other sentinels to fire with high intensity towards the target.[1] These robots could kill Clank in a second if the latter was not careful. Since they were only encountered by Clank, these robots could not be killed by Ratchet, so that they were invincible. To avoid being fried, he had to quickly dodge their spotlights. He could also let Skrunch, the monkey, distract them by shooting a banana with the BGAMD in the spotlight. Sentinel bots were first seen on planet Aquatos, in the Deep Sea Hideout. They were last seen in Qwark's Hideout.

After attacking or if the intruder got out of their range their spotlights disappeared for some seconds, making it easier for Clank to pass them.


  • Strength - moderate
  • Armor - moderate
  • Attack range - short


  • The Sentinel bots looked exactly like the MegaCorp Sentinels, but they did not function as them.
  • Sentinel bots could actually get hit, but not killed, but since they were not inteded to be they buged.
    • Ratchet could also hit a sentinel bot using glitches but they could not be killed by him either, unless he used the Rift Inducer. This was probably due to their lack of health points.
  • If the player moved the camera on a sentinel it could literally push it anywhere they wanted.


  • On Aquatos, when Clank found the last sentinel bot, there were some crates. He could get on those crates and when the sentinel arrived, he could hit it. The sentinel then turned red for a fraction of a second and was then stuck in its position. Clank then could freely go under its spotlight without getting detected.


Notes and references

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