There are 65 skill points in Secret Agent Clank.

Boltaire Museum

Furious Fists of Fury

Use only melee attacks to complete the level.

Silent Night

Take down every guard using only stealth takedowns.

Pyrrhic Victory

Only take damage in the last segment in the Jem wing.

Triple Platinum Record

Miss no button presses in the jem wing.

Prison Planet

Stainless Steel

Take no damage in the mega challenge.

Playing With Fire

Kill 5 enemies using the Lizard thug cocktails.


Speed Demon

Complete the rescue Clank challenge in 1 minute and 25 seconds.

Perfect Chrome Finish

Complete the rescue Clank challnge and let no Gadgebots take damage.

Robot Finds Ninja

Get all possible stealth kills.

Black Tie Affair

Defeat all enemies with the Tie-A-Rang.

Like The Wind

Take no damage in the level.

Inverse Ninja Law

Kill 99 Ninja Bots in the Qwark segment.

Blaster Overload

Do not use the normal blaster.


Perfect Tango

Miss no button presses.

Black Diamond

Hit no obstacles on the snow board.

Smooth Moves

Cause 15 enemies to die by their comrades.


Collect all the rings.

Prison Mess Hall

Empty the Warrens

Kill over 89 Thyrranoids in the Thyrranoid recycling challenge.


Complete the mega challenge without jumping.


Master of Disguise

Use a tourist cart whenever the Kingpin gets suspicious.

Trash Talk

Kill all the henchmen using Trash cans.

Deadly Hands

Kill all the henchmen before th 4th Tourist cart.

Steel Rain

Send ten Henchbots off the Gondola's.

52 Card Pickup

Finish off the Jack of all Trades using only cards.

Dress For Success

get jack to hit himself with three of his own hats.

Le Paradis Des Tricheurs Casino

Beat the House

Get 20 stealth kills.

Lucky Sevens

Complete the timing segment with 77,700 points.

A Gadgebot Stands Alone

Do not use the revive command.

Prison Exercise Yard

Indian Burn

kill 10 enemies with the dodgeballs.

The Law Can't Touch Me

Do not get hit by the yard guns in the mega challenge.


All Slime Must Burn

Kill all Ameboids with the Blowtorch briefcase.

Ramming Speed!

Kill 10 Ameboids by ramming a small engine box into them.

Evasive Maneuvers

Dodge 8 torpedoes with the Hydrofoil.

Deep Six

Avoid all of the seeker mines.

Wake of Destruction

Destroy everything.


Collect all of the rings.

Twinkle Toes

Get a chain of five butterfly bounces.

Magnum Opus

Complete the opera without being hit.

Sold Out

Get 150,000 points.

Fort Sprocket

With Interest

Use bolt thieves to kill 5 static midges.

Androids in Disguise

Kill 2 Doppelgangers as a Doppelganger.

Vault Vault

Complete the first gadgebot challenge in 8 minutes and 25 seconds.

El Dia de los Muertos

Get a Static Midge helmet on all Gadgebots at one time.

Prison Showers

Ruba-Dub Club

Use the wrench to kill the king amoeboid.


Do not lose the towel in the mega challenge.

Spaceship Graveyard

It's A Delicacy Somewhere

Blow up all mature organic spores.


Kill all enemies in the last area with out being seen.


Kill all enemies with only punches.

Sour Victory

Kill the Kudzu using only lemons.

The Quasar Fields

Min Maxing

Score 1075 points or 1550 in Challenge mode.

I Kill The Rock

Destroy all three dreadnoughts.

Prison Breakout

Whip it Good

Kill 40 enemies with the plasma whip.

Hanging Judge

Let no prisoners escape in the mega challenge.


Yeeee Haaaaaw!

Roll off a cliff.

Offensive Driver

Complete the timed segment with at least 60 seconds.

Slippery Slope

Go over 5 oil slicks in one life.

Ring Around The Rosie

Collect all of the rings.

He Cleans Pools, Too!

Kill 20 enemies with a lawnmower.

Perfect Mirror

Do not damage the dam.

Underwater Base

Cereal Decoder Ring

Beat the first challenge in 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

133t h4xx0r

Do not fail any Omni-Key puzzles.

Rust Proof

Do not fall in any water.

I'm Not There

Do not be seen by any enemies, lasers or fish.

Turn the Tables

Complete 4 successful takedowns on klunk on a row.

A Pretty Good Likeness

Beat Klunk without damaging Robo-ratchet.