Clank 3

Secret Agent Clank as he appears in Secret Agent Clank

Secret Agent Clank was Clank's alter-ego who started from his Holo-Vision series. His arch enemy was Maximillian in the Holo-Vision series. Secret Agent Clank was later used by Clank when he worked for the Agency as a secret agent. In Up Your Arsenal it can be used as skin after you get certain number of skill points. He had the same origins as Clank despite being his on-screen alter-ego. It looked like plain old Clank despite being the secret agent. In his time of working against crime with the Agency he had a wide and bizarre array of secret agent devices. He was known to have a limousine which Jeeves (Ratchet's on-screen alter-ego) drives. When he turned to Giant Clank he lost his tuxedo that he usually wore and when he changed back the tuxedo was still there. He had a vid-comic which was Going Mobile and it showed the show's origins. His tuxedo looks as if it is painted onto his body.


Agent Clank

Secret Agent Clank


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