Ratchet sneaking up on Thugs-4-Less Brute Maktar Resort

Ratchet sneaking up on a Thugs-4-Less Brute at the Maktar Resort

The Thugs-4-Less Brutes were strong lizard-like brutes who worked for Thugs-4-Less. They possessed the traits of being big, strong, and stupid - which was everything a young thug aspired to be.

In-game informationEdit

Going CommandoEdit

They either shot Ratchet with green missiles or released MegaCorp Chickenbots to do their dirty work. In close combat, they tried to kick Ratchet with their powerful, but short legs, which could knock him far away. They appeared to be pilots on Snivelak; however, they could only be seen after Ratchet destroyed a vehicle. They are also described as not being very bright.

Secret Agent ClankEdit

Thug-4-less brute

Ratchet fighting a Thugs-4-Less Brute in Prison

These enemies preferred to attack with some sort of plasma gun that they had somehow managed to obtain in prison, which didn't fire missiles or Chicken Bots unlike previously. In addition to their gun, they also threw handmade molotov cocktails at Ratchet.

Sea LemurEdit

Qwark hired some Thugs-4-Less Brutes to participate in his opera as sea lemurs. The sea lemurs attacked by throwing feces and using their tridents.

According to Qwark's tale the sea lemurs were flushed down the toilet and made the sewers of the town their home, they eventually staged a coup on the city, Qwark gave them the idea to get jobs but they attacked him and so he mowed them down with his giant gun.

Monsterpedia DescriptionEdit

Big, strong, and incredibly stupid, the Thugs-4-Less Brute is everything that a young thug aspires to be. They attack by firing a burst of shots or by deploying MegaCorp Chickenbots to do their dirty work for them.