Vive le Scorpio!
―Scorpio  [UYA]

Ratchet fighting Scorpio

Scorpio was an organic life form/tank hybrid that was hired by Annihilation Nation as a gladiator, and he previously worked as a hair stylist who was known for "taking more than a little off the top." He was also the champion there until Ratchet beat him. Scorpio was armed with Dual Flamethrowers and a powerful Saw Blade Launcher attachment. After being dethroned as the champion in Ratchet's attempt to meet Courtney Gears, he fought the Lombax in a later challenge.

Skill point

Defeating Scorpio using the wrench can earn the skill point Bash the bug.


  • If players listened carefully, Scorpio had somewhat of a French accent. This was shown in the lines "Vive le Scorpio," "I'm going to cut you like a quiche!" and "I was going to let you live, but I changed my mind."
  • Jim Ward, the voice of Qwark also voiced Scorpio.