Captain Sasha Phyronix, usually referred to as Captain Sasha, was the captain of the Starship Phoenix. Sasha was a member of Q-Force and the daughter of President Phyronix. After Nefarious's defeat, she became the Mayor of Metropolis. Against her father's wishes she kept close to him which shows her rebellious behavior that sometimes shows through her political side.


Pre-Up Your Arsenal

Before the war with Nefarious, Sasha was brought up to be a political diplomat by her father, President Phyronix. Her father always seemed to be very protective of his daughter when it came to boys. Known to have commando skills her father entrusted her with the best ship in the Galactic Fleet, which was named the Starship Phoenix.

She worked with the Galactic Rangers to send ships to any planet in need of assistance. Before she met Ratchet and Clank, she was working on the Nefarious case. The Galactic Rangers had gotten a distress call from Veldin where they found out about Nefarious and the Tyhrranoids. Sasha sent out her army of Galactic Rangers with her father's permission, gaining the attention of the media.

Up Your Arsenal


Sasha Phyronix on the Starship Phoenix

When the war started there were random attacks on planets by the Tyhrranoids. Galactic authorities discovered that Dr. Nefarious was the head of the attacks. Dr. Nefarious was widely known because of previous evil schemes.

The President began to get Sasha involved with the Starship Phoenix. Galactic Rangers broke out in war with Nefarious, but couldn't find out what he was up to or how to stop him. President Phyronix began to look for the hero that previously stopped Nefarious.

That's when Ratchet came to Veldin and began his mission. Sasha met with Ratchet after he and Clank had secured Qwark (who was revealed to be the hero who stopped Nefarious) on Florana, telling them to go to the Starship Phoenix in order to be briefed on their new mission.

After guiding them on to the Phoenix she told Ratchet to bring Qwark to a specialized cell until he regained his lost memories, but not before telling them about all of the things in the Starship including a vendor and VG-9000 Game System (Ratchet was so surprised by all of this that he accidentally proposed to her).

The duo later met Sasha in person on the bridge, where they received a message from the Galactic President. He reported that the Tyhrranoids were attacking the Capital City in full force before being cut off, Sasha then ordered the Galactic Rangers along with Ratchet & Clank to take back the capital on Marcadia.

Sasha led the assault on her homeworld of Marcadia upon Nefarious's initial invasion. This was one of the first and most important battles. Sasha had to save the Political Capital of the whole galaxy or else the rest of the war would be turmoil. Troopers had to repair cannons around the Defense Facility and restore the main turret.

An important squad of Galactic Rangers was almost lost and the Defense Facility would've been penetrated. The Facility was already penetrated so Sasha guided Ratchet to the main terminal and supplied him with a Refractor. She then helped Ratchet restore the planet's protective laser shield to help halt Nefarious's forces. At the end Al gave Ratchet a Qwark vid-comic for his VG-9000.

When Ratchet took the vid-comic back to Sasha and played it, Qwark regained his memories. This forced Sasha to give up her control although she did it willingly. Her father believed that Qwark and Secret Agent Clank were the answers. Sasha; however, saw that Ratchet was really doing all the work. When Qwark drew out his plans, she provided Ratchet with information much better than the info Qwark provided them.



Sasha later became a member of the Q-Force when Qwark took control of the situation. Sasha didn't take the Q-Force seriously. There was no need to wear the green uniform although she did respect Captain Qwark's authority.

She assisted with the invasion of Tyhrranosis, providing vehicles and equipment for Ratchet's battle.

Sasha provided Ratchet and Clank with vital intelligence throughout the campaign to track down Dr. Nefarious's secret weapon, the Biobliterator. After rogue superstar Courtney Gears transformed Q-Force member Skid McMarx into a robot, Sasha had him retrieved and sent back to the Phoenix.

When Ratchet returned to the Phoenix after escaping the self-destruction Nefarious's flagship Leviathan, Sasha ran up to Ratchet and kissed him, before regaining her composure and welcoming him back.

Ratchet soon discovered that Dr. Nefarious intended to attack the city of Metropolis with the Biobliterator, so Sasha deployed the Galactic Rangers to liberate the city. Unfortunately, the entire city was converted to robots by the Biobliterator before the city could be saved. During this time Sasha tried to decipher the coordinates of the Biobliterator with Al only to be attacked by Nefarious's forces.

Ratchet and Clank later discovered that Qwark had faked his death and was hiding out in his secret facility in the Thran Asteroid Belt, and went there to confront the cowardly Captain. Unfortunately, the Phoenix was attacked while the duo were away, and Sasha sent a distress call ordering them to save the vessel before it was destroyed.

At the end of the message, she addresses Ratchet, saying that she wants to tell him something in case she doesn't see him again. However, she's cut off before she can say it. Sasha and her team survived the attack thanks to Ratchet and Clank, only to inform him that Nefarious intended to attack Veldin next. She had the duo destroy the first Biobliterator on Koros before sending them to destroy the second one on Mylon.

Ratchet soon destroyed the Biobliterator and defeated Nefarious, restoring peace to the galaxy. Sasha, Ratchet, and Clank then sat next to each other during the premiere of Secret Agent Clank's latest movie. As the film ended, Sasha warmly kissed Ratchet on the cheek and the two grinned, signifying their relationship.


Cap Sasha

Sasha while talking to Ratchet, Clank and Big Al

In Deadlocked, Sasha has become the newly elected Mayor of Metropolis, leaving command of the Phoenix to Ratchet. She later informed him, Clank and Big Al of all of the heroes being kidnapped to compete in DreadZone, and tried to warn Ratchet that he might be the next.

Ratchet was heading toward the Shadow Sector while Sasha tried to investigate the disappearance of heroes. Unfortunately, Sasha was cut off and Ratchet, Clank and Big Al were apprehended by DreadZone immediately afterwards. During that time, she tried to keep track of them even though she could not communicate all through her term as mayor.

Ratchet & Clank comic series

Sasha 1

Sasha training at the firing range

In the Ratchet & Clank comic series, Sasha and the Galactic Rangers intervene when Artemis Zogg begins to steal planets.[2]

She teams up with Talwyn Apogee to fight him, Talwyn allows the Galactic Rangers and Sasha to use the Apogee Space Station to help in the battle against Artemis, during their time staying there Sasha trains by shooting pictures of Cragmites in the Target room with her Combuster.

She later wielded an unknown Blaster, to help Ratchet save Talwyn and Vorn.


Sasha concept

Sasha Phyronix concept art

Sasha Phyronix was the daughter of President Phyronix, the Galactic President. She therefore had a high political value.

She later became Mayor of Metropolis, presumably due to her political position and work during the Tyhrranoid invasion. She later became the advisor of her father in the Ratchet & Clank comic series.


  • A Space Pirate can be heard casually talking to his friends about how he once ran into a female aboard the Starship Phoenix who claimed to be its captain, joking over how a 'lass' could be captain. [citation needed]
  • It's unknown if she was still present in Metropolis during the invasion by Tachyon and his troops.
  • After Deadlocked, when her term as Metropolis mayor ended, she retired her fighting side and went to go on to be an advisor for her father, but she eventually began fighting again when planets started disappearing.
  • One can notice that after the Annihilation Nation cinematic that Sasha is unusually larger than Ratchet. She also had a mysterious blue tone.
  • "Phyronix" is a combination of "Spyro" and "Phoenix."

Behind the scenes

The Ratchet & Clank 2010 Wall Calendar states that Sasha's Birthday is January 4.[3]



Notes and references

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