A Troglosaur on Sargasso

A Sargassian Troglosaur, or simply a Troglosaur, is a large saurpod dinosuar-like creature from the planet Sargasso. They were peaceful creatures, but could accidentally crush unwary explorers under their huge feet. They use two tenticles on their heads to grab leafs off trees. Trogosaurs are largest known creatures on Sargasso, and can even be seen from space by the naked eye. So big, that even the mighty Grunthors didn't attack them. The Trogosaurs often ignored Grunthors standing right beside them. Outpost L51 had five Trogosaurs grazing around the Gelatonium Rigs. Troglosaurs had an average weight of twenty one tons. and are so big they can be seen from space.[1]

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Ratchet was able to climb onto their backs and heads using Clank's Robo-Wings. In many cases they would have gold bolts or Raritanium Chests, most likely put there by Space Pirates. If Ratchet were to be caught underneath their feet, he would take considerable damage.


  • Both the Hyperflux Armor and Thug Armor used Troglosaur hide in the material.
  • If you landed on all five Troglosaurs' heads on planet Sargasso, you would receive the Head Examiner skill point.
  • Troglosaurs are immune to the Groovitron.
  • Early artwork showed Trogosaurs with six legs instead of four.
  • One Troglosaur on Sargasso has a Gold bolt on its back.


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