Watch out for those Sandsharks, bro!
Skidd McMarx, to Ratchet, while in Sandshark Valley  [R&C (PS4)]

Sandsharks were a hostile species native to planets Aridia and Gaspar. On Aridia, they came from the Sandshark Valley where they were spawned and where Ratchet cleared many of them out so Skidd McMarx could get back to his rocket. The Blarg threatened to feed Skidd's agent, Don, to sandsharks.

Sandshark nest

Sandshark nest

A sandshark nest

Sandshark nest were organisms that would spawn sandsharks, and were encountered in the Sandshark Valley. It was a bulbous organism with orange skin and green markings, and also sported small spikes. It spat out sandsharks through an orifice at the top of its bulb-shaped organ, which is supported by a body attached to the legs. Other than its ability to bombard targets with sandsharks, it was immobile and defenseless.


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