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Sandsharks were small, hostile red-orange creatures that were found "swimming" in the sands of Outpost X11 on planet Aridia. They would emerge from the sand to attack Ratchet if they were close. At Outpost X11, the duo had to eliminate all the Sandsharks if they were to acquire Skid McMarx's Hoverboard Z3000, who pretended to be too injured to fight them himself. When taunted with the Taunter, and unable to reach Ratchet, they would jump up and down and snarl angrily. The Sandsharks also maneuvered similar to those of the Peckbots, in which they would appear to attempt running back and forth to either avoid long distance fire or have trouble walking on their legs.

Sandshark nests


Sandshark nests were only encountered at Outpost X11 on planet Aridia. They were bulbous, immobile objects, with orange skin and green markings, sporting small spikes. They spat out Sandsharks through an orifice at the top of their bulb-shaped organs, which was supported by a body attached to three small legs. Other than their ability to bombard targets with Sandsharks, they were defenseless and threat-less on their own.

Insomniac Museum

An older model of this enemy can be seen in the Insominac Museum in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. This version has four legs, a larger shark fin, two eyes and a white monotone physical appearance due to a lack of color.

Encountered on

Aridia Sandsharks


Other species of Sandsharks were known to exist, such as the Seven-Legged Sand Shark; it was said to move quite fast. Although, it was never directly encountered in the game - only mentioned by Dallas in an online Vox News update.[1]

The Blarg created Chompers for combat purposes; Chompers were robots modeled on Sandsharks.