Sam, also was known as Sam the Scrap Merchant, was a civilian who hailed from Gorda City on planet Oltanis. As his occupation implied, he sold scrap parts. He was a victim of the bombing of Gorda City by Blarg forces under Drek's command. He was seen on Channel 2 News screaming in the background near Darla Gratch with his white hair fried. He wore glasses.

The Scrap Merchant met Ratchet at his scrap shop and when he talked to Ratchet, he had no clue what his customer was saying to him. The loud bombings had apparently damaged his hearing. He sold Ratchet an Infobot that gave the Lombax and his friend Clank access to Quartu.

Following Drek's defeat, Sam realized his life in the Solana Galaxy was boring following his near brush with death. With this mind, Sam moved to the Bogon Galaxy where he founded Sam's Extreme Travel and Scrap Metal business, which offered travel to exciting places throughout the Bogon Galaxy as well as scrap metal.

Sam was seen again in the audience while watching the latest Secret Agent Clank movie at the end of Up Your Arsenal.

Sam was part of the galaxy-wide Solanian.

Behind the scenes

Sam was voiced by David Kaye, who also voices Clank.