Sam's Extreme Travel and Scrap Metal, also known as Sam's, was a travel agency and scrap dealer business located in the Bogon Galaxy, and founded by Sam. It offered exciting tours for those visiting the Bogon Galaxy, including trips Maktar Resort in the Maktar Nebula and Vukovar Canyon of Barlow. In addition, Sam's offered scrap metal for sale as well.




Are you tired of the same old vacations year after year? Have the sandy beaches of Pokitaru lost their allure? Do the icy Alps of Hoven bore you to tears? Does the Gauntlet of Umbris make you yawn with lethargy? If so, then give Sam at Sam's Extreme Travel and Scrap Metal a call.

"I was once a bored Scrap Merchant in Gorda City, but a brush with death brought me back to life. Now I am all about excitement and you can be too!"

At Sam's, we will set you up on a whirlwind tour of the Bogon Galaxy and all of the extreme adventures it has to offer. From the frenetic Maxigames at the Maktar Resort to the intense Hoverbike Races in Vukovar Canyon, you can experience it first-hand. We've got it all and it's just a communication away!

Make sure to ask for Sam when you call - and speak up, he doesn't hear too well.[1]

Notes and references

  1. Commando Guidebook

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