Rykan V Spaceport

The Rykan V Spaceport was a spaceport on Rykan V. It was there that Ratchet purchased the Gyro-Cycle from the Smuggler. The Gyro-Cycle course was a good place to get Raritanium. It was controlled by Emperor Tachyon by the time Ratchet was searching for the Lombax Secret. The Spaceport was located in the middle of a lava pit and right next to the galactic lava refinery. The Spaceport contains a weapons vendor, Armor vendor and a Devices vendor. There were pipes everywhere carrying lava to different locations and ships overhead carrying lava off the planet while Gelatonium transports imported to the planet.

Using the Gyro-Cycle, Ratchet had to travel through the refinarys and eventually get to a small island with a projector inside showing an orintation video for Lombaxes helping with creating the Dimensionator AKA The Lombax Secret. It also contained coordinated to the laboritory in Outpost L51 on Planet Sargasso.


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