Courtney Gears (2)

Courtney Gears

Robots of the Galaxy (also known as Death to the Squishes) was a song by Courtney Gears, created as propaganda for Doctor Nefarious' plot to convert all organic life across the Solana Galaxy into robots, hoping to earn the support of the existing robot population. Ratchet and Clank soon discovered the music video, which featured the song and propaganda images meant to sway robots, on planet Daxx. It was a cryptic, but very catchy song that made the duo realize that Courtney was also an enemy. The song was later danced to briefly by Big Al in his work station while he, Ratchet and Clank were held prisoner on DreadZone. It was also shown briefly on the computer screens of the IRIS Supercomputer.


Robots of the Galaxy - Courtney Gears00:57

Robots of the Galaxy - Courtney Gears

Robots of the Galaxy music video

[Yeah, what's up people, it's Courtney Gears. Are you feeling me, robots? I'm feeling you.]

I see the future - and what do I see? Robots going crazy 'cross the galaxy.

Can't stand organics, they are soft and squishy.

The time is now; we robots must be free!

[Do you want to be free? Then shout with me! YEAH!] (Exterminate, Terminate, Annihilate…)

This goes out to all you robots 'cross the galaxy.(Galaxy…)

It's time for you and me to rise up and - strike - back.

Don't stop until we dominate,

Won't you feel great, (Won't that feel great…)

When we exterminate all - organic - LIFE! (life, life, life, life…)


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