Robotic Space Eel battle

Qwark, battling the Robotic Space Eel

The Robotic Space Eel was a boss fought in Qwark Vid-Comics#1. It was a robotic eel that moved around the screen and had to be avoided and shot. It sometimes attacked by causing rocks to fall from the ceiling that you needed to avoid.

How this creature was afflicated with the Pirates or Blackstar himself was not specified though before the first encounter with it, Qwark mentions the fact that old-timers said the creature haunted the ship.

How to kill

The fastest way to kill the space eel was to punch it. However, contact with the eel caused Qwark's health to go down, so that it was almost essential that the player acquired a few health upgrades before attempting this method. This method helped in the completion of the skill point.

Alternatively, the player could shoot it with their remaining ammo, and then punch the eel to death (or explosion).