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That's Robotic Pirate Ghosts. Guess reading wasn't your subject, eh, professor?
— Qwark, UYA

The Robotic Pirate Ghosts, also known as Ghost Pirate Robots [citation needed], were a band of Space Pirates in the Solana galaxy led by Captain Blackstar. These pirates were undead robots. Despite being undead robots, they strongly resembled organic life forms. They guarded their vessel while Captain Qwark was on board. Qwark fought and defeated them and the adventure was played on the vid-comic, Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder. Some carried swords, while others carried bomb skulls. One shot from Qwark's Laser Blaster was enough for them or he could simply punch them thrice.


  • They may be related somehow to the Space Pirates because they not only resemble them but they act just like them.
  • They once invaded a planet named Amochi Mas, but were defeated by the Galactic Rangers, who defeated them with just Qwack-O-Rays and half charged Crotchitizers. Strangely, these events took place before Ratchet and Clank, and so the Crotchitizer wouldn't have been invented unless it was made earlier in the Solana Galaxy.