Victor Von Ion

Victor Von Ion, originally known as the Robot Lieutenant, was Drek's top lieutenant and second in command for his robot army. The Robot Lieutenant was large and intimidating and he had a protruding jaw.


Onboard Drek's Flagship

The Robot Lieutenant was first seen onboard Drek's flagship while Drek was discussing Novalis' destruction with the planet's chairman. After Novalis' chairman warned out his welcome (and Drek's patience), the Lieutenant snatched him and took him back to Novalis and (presumably) tried to execute him.

Eudora's de-forestation

Later on, the Robot Lieutenant is dispatched by Drek to oversee the de-forestation of Eudora. Drek sends a transmission to him via a Planet Cam, ordering the Lieutenant to give him a situation report. Despite being behind schedule, the Robot Lieutenant guarantees that everything is going according to plan.

After having collected enough trees for his artificial world, Drek ordered the Robot Lieutenant to destroy all the trees in Eudora out of pure malice, saying that just because the Blarg didn't need anymore trees didn't mean that Eudora's inhabitants should have them.

When Ratchet & Clank arrived in Eudora, they found and confronted the Robot Lieutenant. The Lieutenant acted menacing, but after being intimidated by Clank, he fled the scene, leaving behind an Infobot with information about the Blarg Tactical Research Station.

The Robot Lieutenant speaking on Planet-Cam

Later appearances

He then re-appeared in several other Infobot cutscenes. The first being the one found on Orxon where was shown holding a gun at the Blarg Scientist. Then he appeared in the Quartu Infobot for the commercial of the Ultra-Mech Unlimited. The announcer asked the audience Afraid to go out at night? while showing a picture of the lieutenant aiming his gun at Fred in Blackwater City.

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Strangely enough, at the end, the Robot Lieutenant was at the Secret Agent Clank movie premiere, along with Ratchet and Clank.

Behind the scenes

  • While his name is not revealed in the original series, the Robot Lieutenant is given the name Victor Von Ion in the re-imagined movie and game.


  • For some reason, the Lieutenant has two voices in his two appearances. He starts out with a gruff, middle-aged voice, then has a robotic tuned younger voice. When he meets Ratchet and Clank, he doesn't speak at all.
  • The Lieutenant was originally a boss level on planet Eudora, but Insomniac Games cut him out due to budget constraints.