They must've have blasted you good, soldier!
―Robot Head to Clank after waking up on planet Metalis  [Size Matters]

The Robot Head was robot that had lost all but his head in the heat of battle during Robot War III on plant at Junkyard LXIV on planet Metalis. He met a very confused Clank, who had been dumped on Metalis by Luna while Ratchet was taken away to Medical Outpost Omega. The Robot Head believed Clank had been "blasted" because his failure to remember anything, and told Clank where he was. Clank was quite shocked, which allowed him to start recalling where he had been earlier, but he was interrupted when a robot in Electro Torso blasted electricity the Robot Head's head to bits. Clank was able to jump into a Saw Torso, and the Robot Head told him he'd needed to be careful or he end up like him.

Behind the scenes


Despite being blown to bits, the Robot Head was still able to talk to Clank.[1]


Notes and references

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