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Clank (no background)

Clank, a robot with a soul, created by Orvus, who is the most recurring robot in the Ratchet & Clank franchise

Robots were mechanical beings and one of the most major species in the Ratchet & Clank series.


There were two overarching types of robots to exist: sentient robots who were capable of breeding, and robots with low AI who were generally manufactured for a specific purpose. Female robots were sometimes referred to as "Femdroids."

Some Robots had various defense systems inside them.[1] Some robots were known to have a soul of some sort.[2] Others were known to eat and drink. Some Robots had incredibly long life-spans, as Nefarious saw being stuck on an asteroid for potentially up to 10,000 years as a mere annoyance.

It was possible to create organic/robot hybrids named cyborgs, and also possible to fully convert organics into robots (via methods such as the Biobliterator), or transform a robot into a fully organic being (via methods such as the Morph-O-Ray).

Types of robots

Normal robots

Fighting robots

  • Warbot, specialized robots built for war, have high intelligence and are sentient.
  • Combat bot, specialized robots built for assistance in combat situations, have high intelligence and are sentient.
  • Fighting robots, generic models built for combat and war (example: Blarg Paratrooper). Have low-moderate intelligence, some are sentient, some are non-sentient.
    • Nefarious Trooper, a special type of fighting robot. Have moderate intelligence and are sentient.
  • Gladiator robots, generic models built for undertaking in gladiatorial battles (example: DZ Striker). Have-low-moderate intelligence, some are sentient, some are non-sentient.
  • Weaponized robot, robots who are utilized as weapons (example: Agents of Doom)
  • Death bot, highly dangerous robots built for killing.
  • Purely robotic Ultra-Mech models


Notable robots

Normal robots

Fighting robots





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Notes and references

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