Robomutt v2.0

Robomutts v2.0 were an updated version of the original Robomutts found on Metropolis. These Robomutts were found on the ships in Drek's Fleet and were distinguishable by the antennas that stuck out from their heads; it was unknown if they were fooled by the Holo-guise as they just barked, but did not attack. Like the Sentrybots they accompanied, when they felt alarmed their eyes and spikes turned from green to red. Unlike the original RoboMutts, the 2.0 version has one rounded rectangular sensor. This could have signaled a change in its ability to notice the player at a further distance or at a wider angel. Thankfully, they could not turn on the ship's alarm system. Oddly enough, they could be sucked up by the Suck Cannon unlike the original. These types of Robomutts can also be described as being assembled using a darker metal. It is unsure if this is a texture change done on purpose or a glitch with the level's lighting.