Robo Wings

The Robo-Wings in two different angles

Ratchet: Clank, have you been modifying yourself in private?
Clank: Absolutely not. And I do not care much for your tone.
Clank responding to Ratchet's inquiry about where he got his Robo-Wings.
Sargasso Landscape

Ratchet gliding on Sargasso.

Robo-Wings were a gadget that Clank was upgraded with by the Zoni in Stratus City in order to get to the Hall of Knowledge. The Robo-Wings were made of a peculiar Zeptotech technology (Zepto being smaller than Nano) which, despite being more technologically advanced than Polaris technology, were compatible with Gelatonium-fuel pads commonly found throughout the galaxy.[1] They were able to be activated by pressing Triangle when Ratchet stood on a Gelatonium pad. The player was able to steer by using the SIXAXIS (or analog stick), and allow Ratchet to gain altitude by pressing the X-button. The Robo-Wings had an unlimited fuel supply and unlimited time. The player could also deactive the Robo-Wings by pressing Triangle during flight.

When not launched from a pad, they could be used as a backpack similar to the Thruster-Pack; however, in this mode Robo-Wings didn't stretch to their full length (except when gliding). They were very similar to the MegaCorp Glider.

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