Rilgar was a dark and typically rainy planet in the Solana Galaxy. Its most notable location was Blackwater City.

The city experienced a small outbreak of Amoeboids. Ratchet took care of them, since the security teams needed to get wake up, get washed, brush their teeth and get over there, which was too long for Ratchet to wait. After clearing out the Amoeboids, Ratchet partipated in the Hoverboard races and explored the city sewers and later found Slim Cognito, who gave Ratchet the Trespasser to help find the plans for the powerful and illegal RYNO superweapon, which, after Ratchet gathered all the RYNO Holocards, Slim assembled it for Ratchet.

Blackwater City (re-imagined)

Blackwater City


Characters on Rilgar


Differences between original


Blackwater city caves

The Blackwater City caves in Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

  • After Ratchet & Clank escaped the sewers, they find Slim Cognito while in the original, they found Qwark's bouncer and met Qwark for the first time in his trailer.
  • Unlike the original, Captain Qwark does not host the Blackwater City Hoverboard races.
  • Originally, Ratchet was awarded the Platinum Zoomerator instead he is awarded bolts and Holocards for winning Hoverboard races.
  • Ratchet originally raced for the price in the Hoverboard races so that Skid's agent would promote him, but he instead promoted the duo after saving him on planet Aridia.


  • Instead of a taxi taking you downtown you have two Swingshot targets to use to get there.
  • The shady character who gives you the RYNO is not in the downtown area but instead at the end of the sewer path.
  • There is a small extra area that has been added with crates just before the elevator that takes you up from the sewers.
  • The second Gadgetron Vendor is on top of a building instead of in the streets.
  • There is a button you can press that activates Swingshot targets that Ratchet can use to get to some Raritanium.
  • There are three Hoverboard race challenges instead of just one.


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