To think, they called me insane, Lawrence! We'll see whose insane, when my pets exterminate all life on this miserable, planet!
Nefarious, to Lawrence, about his plan of the Amoeboids destroying Rilgar  [UYA]
That should clear things right up, sir.
―Lawrence, to Nefarious  [UYA]

Rilgar was a chilly planet far from any sun, devoid of snow. It was famous for its black-colored "water", from which Blackwater City took its name. Rilgar was home to Skid McMarx, and was where a Hoverboard race took place in the original Ratchet & Clank (2002 game) game.

Rilgar was a popular spot for hoverboard races, and was also home to an active night life. However, it also suffered from an Amoeboid infestation, thanks to the tyrannical Nefarious.

Despite losing control of most of their homeworld, Tyhrranosis, Rilgar was attacked by the Tyhrranoids during the events of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal when Nefarious ordered an attack on Blackwater City. The Galactic Rangers and Ratchet were successful in repelling the assault and liberating the besieged city.


Blackwater City

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Blackwater Docks

Blackwater City docks (3)

The largest platform of the map

Blackwater Docks is a multiplayer map in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.[1] The map supports Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes.[2]

Map layout

Blackwater City docks map

Blackwater Docks map layout

Blackwater Docks is a small asymmetrical map[1] designed for deathmatch games. There's no clear map center because of its shape, and the combat area concentrates at the few platforms on the map.[1][2]

The map is surrounded by a dark deadly liquid, and it is necessary to use the Hypershot to navigate through certain areas.[2] The map also contains several jump pads for movement around the map.[1] The map does not support any vehicles.[1]

Characters on Rilgar

Ratchet & Clank

Up Your Arsenal


Ratchet & Clank

Up Your Arsenal


Magazene - Rilgar Times

The Shady Salesman, pleading "Not Guilty" in The Rilgar Times

  • The Rilgar Times was a newspaper on planet Rilgar which published news stories focusing mainly on Rilgarian current affairs.
  • In Into the Nexus, a portrait of Rilgar's Blackwater City can be found in the Intergalactic Museum of History in the Hall of Villainy.
  • The planet looked like a mirrored image of Gorn.
    • Aridia and Kerwan in the same game also look like mirrored versions of planets featured in Going Commando.
  • The native race of the planet were called Rilgarians notable for their green skin along with three spikes on their head. Males seemed to have spiky tails while females did not.
  • In the demo of the first game, it was originally named Planet Blackwater. It is unknown whether this was deliberate or a mistake.



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