The Rift Inducer is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. It is a small carbine which fires a black hole which suck up and kill enemies nearby.

The Rift Inducer can be upgraded to the Rift Ripper with use. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega Rift Ripper for 760,000 bolts from any Gadgetron vendor.

The popularity of the weapon led to its reappearance in later entries.


Up Your Arsenal

The Rift Inducer was available upon reaching Holostar Studios from any Gadgetron vendor. It could be upgraded to the Rift Ripper with use. Upon reaching challenge mode, the Rift Ripper could be upgraded to the Mega Rift Ripper for 760,000 bolts from any vendor. The Rift Inducer's black holes sucked enemies into "unknown dimensions".


A modified Rift Inducer was released by GrummelNet in A Crack in Time, known as the Rift Inducer 5000. This versions launched a portal with a hungry alien called "Fred", which pulled in enemies within range.


The Rift Inducer is a small, light blue carbine with a polygonal nozzle and a left-hand grip. It fires black holes which full in every enemy surrounding them. The Rift Ripper is a larger, dark blue and purple weapon which is rounder and features rotating blades.


The Rift Inducer's black holes launched deplete the hit points of enemies and suck them in once their health reaches zero. It is therefore most effective against weaker enemies, as it takes longer to deplete the hit points of stronger enemies (though the player can damage them with another weapon simultaneously). However, it is nonetheless effective against all types of enemies aside from bosses, as when multiple are deployed covering a large area, it can deal damage to all of them at once. The Rift Inducer is a very strategic weapon, having both offensive and defensive utility, depending on the placement of the black holes.

The Rift Inducer's V2 upgrade allows it to combine with multiple black holes when near, making the black holes even more powerful. This can be useful if fighting in a smaller space or against more concentrated enemies, though the player may prefer to spread them out if enemies are far apart. The V3 upgrade grants it lock-on mod, which adds little to the use of the weapon. The V5 upgrade allows the Rift Ripper to shock enemies nearby. This makes it even more devastating than it already was, though it does not make up for its weakness against bosses.


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