Felton Razz

Felton Razz[1] originally known as the Resort Owner was a local man who ran the Jowai Resort on planet Pokitaru.


Ratchet & Clank

Jowai Resort Owner

Felton, following behind Ratchet & Clank on Pokitaru

Ratchet and Clank encountered him as soon as they started on their main path outside at the resort on planet Pokitaru shortly after seeing his infobot commercial for the Jowai Resort, which was a last attempt to attract tourists. However, the vacation spot had lost its appeal when the blarg began dumping its toxic waste into the ocean, that transformed the local wildlife, the Puffer Fish, into ravenous mutants. Upon the arrival of Ratchet and Clank, the resort owner had turned to the option of totally shutting down the resort. He eventually provided the lombax and his robot friend with his last O2 Mask, after the duo escorted him to the other side of the Jowai Resort, and shot down the toxic dumping ships with a Blargian starfighter.

Up Your Arsenal

Felton appeared at the end of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal attending the Secret Agent Clank premiere along with many other previously seen characters.

Behind the scenes

  • The voice for Felton Razz was provided by Chad Michael Einbinder.[2]
  • His species is unknown. His appearance looks very much like that of a Rilgarian but he lacks a tail like the males have which may mean he is of another green bipedal humanoid species. His re-imagined counterpart is a Fongoid.
  • During the Secret Agent Clank movie at the end of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, he appeared twice, behind the Commando, and between Fizzwidget and the Tractor Beam scientist.
  • In the re-imagined game, his first and last name was finally revealed to have been Felton Razz.
    • His character model is majorly changed as well. He is the twin brother of Grimroth Razz in the reboot.


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