Valley facing Tyhrranoid base

View of Red Rock Valley facing towards the Tyhrranoid base tunnels

Red Rock Valley was massive valley that covered a large portion of Outpost X12 on planet Aridia. During Nefarious' rampage throughout the Solana galaxy, this valley was featured in a battle between Tyhrranoid forces and Galactic Rangers, dubbed Operation: DEATH VALLEY. Filled with what appeared to be drilling machines, almost all of the valley was taken over by Tyhrranoids. A few Galactic Rangers managed to hold the position on a small metal tower in the middle of a "river" while the rest of the rangers were routed back to their command center by the Tyhrranoids. After Ratchet arrived, he managed to push the Tyhrranoids away from the ranger base, and used a Hovership to cover the remaining rangers while they were assaulted on their tower on all sides. With all the rangers stationed around the base, Ratchet and Clank began to hunt down Tyhrranoid Commanders throughout Red Rock Valley, weakening the command structure of the invaders. Disorganized by the attack, they Tyhrranoids were not prepared when Ratchet and a few Galactic Rangers then struck and destroyed all of the Tyhrranoid forces in Red Rock Valley, and installed defense turrets to prevent recapture by the invaders. No longer in control of Red Rock Valley, the Tyhrranoids fled the valley with Ratchet, Clank and the rangers followed them toward the Tyhrranoid base.


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