Nice work Sarge. You don't need any help do you? You're breaking up. I'll call back later.
— A Galactic Ranger to Ratchet., UYA

Reclaim the Valley was one of the Galactic Ranger missions of Operation: DEATH VALLEY on Aridia. Ratchet and Clank assisted the Galactic Rangers in capturing the Tyhrranoids' bases by turning bolt cranks, to setup a perimeter around the valley.[1]


The mission required Ratchet, Clank and the Galactic Rangers to capture four nodes around the canyon defended by Tyhrranoid forces.[1]

Mission objective

Sarge, we need to reclaim those turrets to activate a defensive perimeter around the valley.
— A Galactic Ranger., UYA

The primary mission objective was given to Ratchet and Clank as: "Now that the Tyhrranoid commanders have been eliminated, the enemy forces in Red Rock Valley are vulnerable to counterattack. Four turrets have been placed in the valley by the Galactic Rangers. activate all four turrets to secure the area."[1]

Capturing the first node

Uh, I think maybe we should stick around here and guard this turret. You know, in case the 'noids try anything sneaky.
— A Galactic Ranger., UYA
Reclaim the Valley Ratchet Rangers defend

The Galactic Rangers assume a defensive position around the first node

With the Tyhrranoid commanders defeated the Galactic Rangers initiated a counterattack to reclaim Red Rock Valley.[2] In order to do this they needed the four nodes to be capture to reactive turrets capable of maintaining a defensive perimeter.[2] Two Galactic Rangers and Ratchet started just outside the tunnels leading to the Ranger's base and, crossing the bridge, they fought their way to a node near to the platform they had earlier been trapped on. Turbo Sliders were available here. After activating the bolt crank the Galactic Rangers told Ratchet he could handle the other nodes by himself and they would defend the turret.[1]

Capturing the remaining nodes

Reclaim the Valley capture node 1

Ratchet capturing the node

Tyhrranoid forces including Ultra-Mecha-Tyhrranoids and Three-Eyed Robonoids were spread throughout the valley with Tyhrranoid Missile Stations defending the bolt cranks.[1]

Reclaim the Valley capture node 2

Ratchet using the Turbo Slider to reach another node

One node was located on the other side of the large bridge where the Turbo Slider was made available. Tyhrranoids patrolled around the bolt-crank and on the bridge. Missile Stations were present on both sides of the liquid that ran under the bridge.[1]

Another node was behind a large structure near the tunnels leading to the Tyhrranoid base. In addition to several Tyhrranoid forces defending the surrounding area, Missile Stations were placed on top of the structure.[1]

Reclaim the Valley node 4

A node with some defenses visible

A node was also located near to the tunnels leading to the Galactic Ranger's base. Missile Stations were placed on top of a large rock and could reach the bolt-crank. This meant Ratchet had to defeat the ground forces and then use the grav-ramp to destroy the turret before accessing the node.[1]

Ratchet and Clank captured all of the nodes and activated the turrets, reclaiming the valley.[1]


Alright, another victory for the Rangers! Maybe you should try pulling your own weight next time, Sarge!
— A Galactic Ranger., UYA

With the valley secure the Galactic Rangers then prepared to launch an all-out assault on the Tyhrranoid base.[1]


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