Reapers aggressive race of bipedal, muscular reptile-like beings with a dozen spikes upon their back. They had the ability to shoot said spikes out from their backs. These spikes would be fired in an arc toward Ratchet and are difficult to avoid. They would also spit up acid at close range. They were pretty tough, so that they had to take a pounding. The best way to kill one was to keep moving while using a medium range weapon like the B-6 Obliterator. Reapers were first met in DreadZone Station; Tower of Power.


A Reaper in prison

Multiplayer skin - Reaper

The Reaper skin (Multiplayer only)

In Secret Agent Clank, Reapers were fought in prison. They attacked Ratchet there. In prison, there were also Elite Reapers, a bigger, elite version of the Reaper.

Behind the scenes

  • Reapers, according to their developers, were based off crocodiles, simians and porcupines.[1]



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