Destruction of the Nebulox


Nethers' Invasion of Meridian City

Ratchet and Clank vs. Neftin Prog

Nether Invasion




Weeblesnog City, planet Silox, Zarkov Sector, Polaris Galaxy, normal dimension, omniverse


Neftin Prog defeated, Mr. Eye and the Nethers released, Vendra Prog betrayed and thrown into the Netherverse


Polaris Defense Force


Neftin Prog



This event is where Ratchet and Clank attempted to prevent Vendra Prog and Neftin Prog from releasing the Nether army into their dimension.


Battle at the Sky Train Station

After coming to the top of the elevator at the Sky Train Station, Ratchet and Clank were almost hit by an incoming train and soon realized that they were surrounded by Thugs. They soon saw Neftin approach who then explained the experiment that the twins were operating. Ratchet then questioned why Neftin would allow Vendra to do horrific acts simply to allow the Nethers into their dimension. Neftin then stated sorrowfully that all he and Vendra wanted was to be reunited with their race. Ratchet sympathized with Neftin and said that he wanted the same but told him that wanting something too much can change a person. Neftin, growing furious with Ratchet, stated that he would now have to kill the Lombax since he wants to hurt Vendra. He then pulled out two electric flails.

Neftin then battled Ratchet and Clank by using the electricity from the storm above. Ratchet then pleaded with Neftin as they battled to stop Vendra. Neftin refused to listen and even told Ratchet that he would not let Mr. Eye harm Vendra. After a while, Neftin fell back and ordered the Thugs to kill Ratchet. The Thugs then jumped off incoming trains to kill the Lombax. After killing several waves, Neftin then came back and continued his battle. Eventually, Ratchet knocked Neftin to the ground.

Crossing Over

After Neftin collapsed due to exhaustion, the Thugs that were watching the battle brought out their blasters and held the Lombax and robot at gunpoint. Vendra then emerged with the Dimensionator and shouted at Ratchet for not understanding her desire to be reunited with her race. Ratchet then pleaded once more that Mr. Eye will put all of Polaris in danger. Not heeding the Lombax's warning, she used the Dimensionator to bring all of the Nether army as well as Mr. Eye into their dimension. Finally free, Mr. Eye betrayed Vendra and informed her that she was only a pawn, confirming Ratchet's suspicions. Mr. Eye then had the Netherflyer throw a screaming Vendra into the Netherverse. After she was disposed of, Mr. Eye then set his sights on Ratchet and clank.

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