There are several unlockables in Ratchet & Clank (2002 game):

  • Making Of' Video: Buy all 10 gold weapons after beating the game. In order to get these "upgrades" (gold versions) you must complete the game and start Challenge mode. You will need to travel to Novalis. Once there, right where you start the level, there will now be a transporter pad. Take it and you will go to the gold weapons room. In order to purchase a gold version of a weapon (like the Bomb Glove, Devastator, etc.) you will need to have a certain number of gold bolts, and 'normal' bolts (as each weapon costs several tens of thousand bolts).

  • Sketchbook: Complete 15 of the 30 skill point Challenges.

  • Epilogue: Complete all 30 skill point Challenges.


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