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This is a list of skill points in Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus.

Skill points

Drop Zone

It could be achieved by using a Grav-Tether to transport an enemy over a gap, and then deactivating it to let them fall to their doom.

Party Crasher

It could be achieved by destroying all of the tables, chairs, and pots in the first area on planet Yerek.

Guide: This skill point is fairly easy to obtain, just check the left and right sides of the fairly linear path for tables and chairs. You only need to destroy the objects up until the area where you receive the Grav-Tether.

Droppin' Dropships

It could be achieved by destroying any Dropship on planet Yerek.

Keep on Moving

Assassin of Leisure

Voltanoid Ninja

It involves killing a standard Voltanoid, or the Blazebot, with nothing but the OmniWrench.

Eye for an Eye

It involves defeating Mr. Eye with only Nether based weapons, which include the Netherbeast and the Netherblades.

The skill point is based on an old legal principle in which a criminal is punished the same way the victim of the criminal was treated, sometimes in a literal sense (such as having one's arm cut off after cutting another person's arm). In the Eye for an Eye skill point, Ratchet retaliates against the Mr. Eye's Nether attacks by striking Mr. Eye with Nether-based attacks (Nether based guns, like the Nether Blades and the Netherbeast).

Unbeatable Robot- Alpha

Unbeatable Robot - Beta

Unbeatable Robot - Delta

Unbeatable Robot - Epsilon

Unbeatable Robot - Sigma

Unbeatable Robot - Zeta

The Exterminator

Galactic Marksman

Clock Blockers - Alpha

Clock Blockers - Beta

Clock Blockers - Delta

Clock Blockers - Epsilon

Clock Blockers - Sigma

Clock Blockers - Zeta

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