Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando has the most unlockable items found in the series. Most of these are found in the Specials Menu. Most of the unlockables require all skill points to be acquired in the game.


  • Ratchet hasa big head - 5 skill points
  • Ratchet in a tux - 7 skill point
  • Clank has a large noggin - 10 skill points
  • Levels are mirrored - 12 skill points
  • Actors have oversized craniums - 15 skill points
  • Ratchet shows his funny side - 20 skill points
  • Enemies have massive domes - 25 skill points
  • Beach Boy - all 30 skill points
  • Snow Dude - Complete the Impossible Challenge


  • Cinematics
  • Sketchbook
  • Cancelled Commercials
  • Making of Video
  • Credits


  • Maktar Arena
  • Vukovar Hoverbike Race
  • MegaCorp Games Hoverbike Race
  • MegaCorp Games Arena
  • Jamming Array
  • Dobbo Orbit
  • Damosel Orbit
  • Insomniac Museum

Random stuff

  • Clank's Day at Insomniac
  • Sheep Blasters
  • Space-ish Wars
  • Paintings
  • Endorsement Deals


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