The original R.Y.N.O. model

The Rip Ya A New One series, or the RYNO series, was a series of destructive weapons manufactured by Gadgetron. They cost a lot of bolts.

Not all of the RYNO weapons were developed purely by Gadgetron however: the original RYNO was developed by Gadgetron and the Blarg, the sixth model was finalized by Dr. Croid, and the ultimate seventh and final model was produced by The Plumber.

Original series

RYNO weapons



Series' evolution

Initially the R.Y.N.O. weapons began as a series of highly powerful missile launchers with the missiles utilized becoming more powerful with each upgrade; however, come the v2 of the RY3NO the series stopped just utilizing missiles and began to purely use energy blasts as firepower. This continued on until the RYNO V, which brought back the usage of missiles, while also retaining the energy blasts, both at a much higher level than before - causing the RYNO V to be regarded as the most powerful weapon in the universe as of the year 5360. However, the following two RYNO models were even more powerful - despite being thought to be impossible.

Power and reputation

The R.Y.N.O. series of weapons was known to be the most powerful line of weapons ever developed. The first R.Y.N.O. being said to be the most powerful missile launcher in Solana upon its creation, and the RYNO II said to be an even more powerful upgrade to it.

Later models of the RYNO series, such as the RYNO V were noted to be the most powerful weapon in the known universe at the time (thus surpassing even the likes of planet destroying weapons like the Deplanetizer, wormhole devices like the Rift Inducer, and one shot kill weapons like the Quantum-Demoleculizer).

The final known RYNO, the RYNO VII was thought to be impossible to create, as many believed that a weapon surpassing the RYNO V and RYNO VI could not be created. However, the RYNO VII proved them wrong. The most powerful RYNO weapon was the RYNO VII's upgrade, the Omega RYNO VII Xtreme.

Re-imagined series

RYNO weapons

Power and reputation

When the galactic weapons oversight committee asked the designer of the Omega RYNO Xtreme!!! what the maximum damage of the weapon was, she answered "Infinity." This was thanks to the weapons insanely high fire rate of Fluginium-infused slugs and energy missile volleys.

Related weapon models

The Zodiac and Harbinger were MegaCorp and Vox Industries' rivals to the RYNO series respectively. The Zodiac was comparable to the RYNO II in how dangerous it was, while the Harbinger was presumably at least comparable to the RY3NO. Another weapon said to be comparable to the original R.Y.N.O. was the Apocolator. The Harbinger also upgraded into the SuperNova, and then into the Mega SuperNova.



Notes and references

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