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The RYNO VI Protosuit was a robotic suit weapon, and the sixth entry in the Rip Ya A New One series developed using plans for the RYNO VI. It was made up of six different parts, and was unlocked by completing a series of secret labs which each required a specific number of collected critters to access. It could not be upgraded.

When used on its own it shoots very powerful rockets at a high rate of fire, but it only carried 12 ammo. When used with other players, it is extremely powerful, with Cronk and Zephyr even stating that they don't even know what will happen. It has to be a powerful enemy to get it to overload, but it only takes half the ammo. When overloaded, the suits spin around and combine, obliterating everything on screen in a close area, including all bosses (with the exception of Mr. Dinkles as the Grivelnox) instantly.


The RYNO VI Protosuit development was a secret project codenamed "The Last Resort" in the Tharpod war against Nevo Binklemeyer.

During their adventure on Magnus, the Fearsome Foursome collected all of the holo-plans for the RYNO, and had it built in the last Croid lab, they then proceeded to use it for the rest of their trek through Uzo City.

Unlocking the RYNO VI Protosuit

The RYNO VI was unlocked by collecting 280 critters to unlock the final Croid lab in Uzo City. The RYNO was completed when all RYNO parts were collected by completing the challenges Dr. Croid hid in his secret labs. The labs were hidden throughout levels. The lab in Uzo City must be completed after all others to access the RYNO.

Behind the scenes

Creaturebox 3d supersuit

3D model of Ratchet's RYNO VI Protosuit

CreatureBox 3D art for Ratchet's RYNO VI Protosuit referred to it as the Super Suit.



  • The color and the details of the suit changes depending on the character using it. For example, Dr. Nefarious's was purple, lacked a headcover (however his lower jaw is protected), had wings and a front like his own body. Ratchet's was orange, had two cannons on the back, a lamp-like emblem and extra guns on the front. Qwark's had a black body with the Q-molecule and green limbs and a more integrated headcover than Ratchet's.
    • If you use the RYNO VI Protosuit as Clank, he will look like Giant Clank. Therefore it too lacked a headcover.
  • When the weapon sizes are changed using cheats after completing the game, only the arm/hands/rocket launchers of the suit are changed in size; the rest of the suit stays the same.
  • Interestingly, it is the only weapon in the R.Y.N.O. series that allows melee to be used while the weapon is active (ranged melee attack is disabled; however, because the arms are already so long).
  • The RYNO VI Protosuit is the only weapon in All 4 One not to have ammo upgrades, power upgrades, and/or elite upgrades.


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