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I present to you the RYNO V, the most powerful weapon in the known universe! You be careful with this thing, now; it packs a heck of a punch!
―The Smuggler after building the RYNO V for Ratchet  [ACiT]

The RYNO V was a weapon in the RYNO series. The RYNO V operated by releasing a number of rockets towards its target(s). While firing the weapon, it played the 1812 Overture, a classic Tchaikovsky piece that's known for using cannon fire as part of its music.[1] The RYNO V mainly launched hails of bullets in a spraying formation but, in tune with the 1812 Overture, it launched a missile (similar to the Negotiator) from the center barrel of the gun while the outer barrels sprayed bullets in a similar fashion to two overlapping miniguns.[2] The weapon was obtained by collecting ten Holo-Plans (of which made the only-known copy of the plans for the weapon) and giving them to the Smuggler.[3] The weapon had 1500 rounds of ammo and had a colossal 3000 rounds of ammo at VX which it tended to consume at an amazing rate.[4] At V5 the RYNO V upgraded into the Mega RYNO V, Which had more ammo and fired rockets at a faster rate.


The RYNO V releasing its rockets

It could be considered to have shotgun, rocket launcher and machine gun properties. The bullets lost power from distance and they also sprayed. Unlike a shotgun, the outer barrel was automatic and consistently sprayed bullets. The rocket launcher property was the fact that it released a pair of rockets every six seconds.

At the time when it was the latest RYNO weapon, it was described as the most powerful weapon in the known universe, and was believed to likely be capable of wiping out all life in the universe.

Despite being the latest weapon in the RYNO series, gameplay wise it is considered to be less powerful than the earlier version the RYNO IV because it has the highest maximum damage dealt (but still not the most in single shot held by the Alpha Disruptor). Although some find its high rate of fire and large amount of Ammo to be more useful than the power of RYNO IV.(1500 - 3000 AMMO fired at maximum speeds that can beat a boss in 2 sec.)

GrummelNet preview

"The RYNO V. Simply put, this is the deadliest weapon in the known universe. There's only one strategy with this one: Squeeze the trigger! After that, it's clean up on aisle three! The RYNO V. Guaranteed to Rip You A New One!"

Other versions

The RYNO V only has two upgraded versions, and a weaker variant.


The Mega RYNO V was the mega version of the RYNO V attained when the RYNO V reached level 5.

Omega RYNO V

The Omega RYNO V was the Omega version of the Mega RYNO V. It was more powerful and this weapon could only be purchased for 1,000,000 bolts in Challenge Mode when Ratchet obtained the Mega (Level 5) version of the RYNO V.


The R.Y.N.O.m was an alternate version of the RYNO V which appeared in Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus.

Holo-plan locations

I don't believe it. You got every piece! Son, when this thing is built, it'd be best if we didn't discuss the matter again; galactic authorities would throw us both in Zordoom just for looking at it. Now stand back…
―The Smuggler to Ratchet after the holo-plan is completed  [ACiT]

The RYNO V holo-plan pieces were collected by Ratchet in nine different locations.

Behind the scenes

The RYNO V was called the Gattling Gun on CreatureBox‏‎ concept art.


Creaturebox gattling

Concept art of the R.Y.N.O. V

  • The 1812 Overture looped every 5 seconds when firing the weapon.
  • This weapon was unanimously voted "Most Likely to End All Forms of Life" and put on the black list there forever. It also apparently had songs and poems written over it amongst other things.[5]
  • When every other weapon is unlocked, the RYNO V will have its own select screen.
  • It was blacklisted like all RYNO weapons, eons before Ratchet even used it.
  • The RYNO V has the most ammo capacity in the whole series, despite the quick ammo depletion, starting out with 1,500. Its maximum ammo capacity is 3,000 at VX.
  • If the player shot the RYNO V near a Terachnoid in Axiom City, the Terachnoid would say: "Whoa, a RYNO! I've never seen one in real life!." If a player had a RYNO V when fighting Dr. Nefarious, he would say: "WHERE did you get that RYNO!‽" If you have it out when you alert a Nefarious Trooper, the Trooper will shout, "Holy. Crap. Abort. Abort."
  • The RYNO V was not very useful against moving enemies (particularly against flying enemies out of the RYNO V's hail of bullets from above); however, the player could throw out a Groovitron to keep their foes still, and then use look mode to aim upwards and obliterate them.
  • When the RAINBOW TRAILS cheat is unlocked by doing Skill Points and turned ON, the RYNO V missiles leave a trail like every other weapon projectile, but the smoke is still the same colors. One of a few projectiles that doesn't have the rainbow feature, is the bullets.
  • On V1 on the RYNO V it could destroy the War Grok quickly and level up around 3 battles. It also works with the Hydra Tanks and Double Jeopardy. It is useful if you want to make around V3 for the RYNO V to defeat Dr. Nefarious quickly.
  • In the crossover fightning game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, this weapon serves as Ratchet & Clank Level 1 Super Move.
  • A weapon identical in appearance to the RYNO V, named the R.Y.N.O.m appeared in Before the Nexus.



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