A weapon so dangerous and illegal that its schematics were destroyed and its designers locked up in a maximum security asylum on planet Pokitaru.
―Weapon description  [ToD]
The R.Y.N.O. 4-Ever has been declared a myth by the Galactic Society of Implausible Weapon Designs. Rumours have persisted on the Holo-Web that this upgrade to the R.Y.N.O. IV is theoretically possible, but the subject is so controvesial that merely mentioning it has been grounds for six months in an intergalactic penitentiary. If you should hear any information about the R.Y.N.O. 4-Ever, letalone encounter the actual weapon itself, you are advised to cover your eyes and ears and loudly hum show tunes of choice. This weapon, should it even exist, is far too dangerous, illegal, and downright gameplay destabilizing to ever be used. Ever. We mean it.
―Upgrade weapon description  [ToD]

The RYNO IV (or Rip Ya A New One Four) is an illegal[1] weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Tools of Destruction. It is the fourth in the RYNO series of weapons, and is most powerful weapon in the game, rapidly firing dark matter lasers at enemies and dealing heavy amounts of damage in a long range.

The RYNO IV is not purchased, but is instead acquired once all thirteen Holo-Plan pieces are obtained and delivered to the Smuggler on Sargasso. With use, it can be upgraded to the RYNO IV Extreme, and in challenge mode, the Omega RYNO 4-Ever upgrade can be purchased for 50,000,000 bolts.


The RYNO IV is a small green and dark green carbine. It appears to feature a jaw below its orange nozzle. When it fires, it rapidly fires bright red lasers that front of it that unload quickly, and spout off in many directions in front of the weapon. The RYNO IV Extreme retains its appearance.


The RYNO IV rapidly unloads its ammunition in front of it when fired. Each laser deals heavy amounts of damage alone, allowing it to make quick work of any normal enemy, and most bosses. There is, therefore, very little strategy to the weapon, as it is universally useful in all situations and extremely powerful.

The RYNO IV can be upgraded with raritanium. Its upgrades include faster priming, more ammo, more bolts and more damage. Players may wish to aim for unlocking faster priming and more ammo, as these can overcome its two shortcomings (running out of ammunition, and length of time spent priming the weapon to fire). The RYNO IV Extreme, and Omega RYNO 4-Ever, are flat upgrades to the weapon and do not fundamentally change the weapon.

The RYNO IV was often criticized by many players for being vastly overpowered/gameplay destabilizing, as it could destroy the ultimate boss of the game, Emperor Tachyon, in a few seconds. Also, it was often considered unreliable, as its targeting system didn't always work while moving; a lot of lasers would scatter all over the place not properly connecting with enemies and could, over time, end up wasting a lot of ammo. The RYNO IV is the strongest RYNO so far in terms of its ability to destroy multiple enemies on the screen in the quickest time (second being the RYNO V) and the max damage dealt after all its ammo is used but, not the most lethal which is the RYNO V.


Notes and references

  1. Smuggler: Son, I present to you the RYNO IV. Now you be careful with this here widowmaker. She's been banned in eight galaxies.

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