A scene from the fourth Qwark vid-comic where Qwark fights his nemesis Nefarious

Qwark vs. Nefarious was a vid-comic series that depicted the "real-life" adventures of Qwark and his original battles against Nefarious.


A sixth vid-comic was supposed to be made, but was cut for the final version of the game.


  • The first four vid-comics were narrated by a man who firmly disbelieved the facts in them. Qwark once mentioned he was a professor.
  • The fifth vid-comic had a different style to the artwork and a different narrator, as it was not intended for release.


  • If a player collects all 100 of the Qwark tokens spread throughout the levels, they receive a titanium bolt. (Note: this must be done in a single playthrough)
  • A health upgrade can be found in each level, which refilled and extended Qwark's life bar.
  • By using a certain code, (Up, up, down, down, circle, square, square) Qwark would wear a tutu in the level.
  • Two other codes ("_MEGHAN_" or "YING_TZU") can be typed in by pressing squaren at the Vid-comic selection screen and confirming with start, which would take you to the Insomniac Museum to play two minigames.
  • Six skill points can be achieved through Qwark vid-comics.
  • The Insomniac Museum also includes two beta vid-comics.
  • A hidden vid-comic can also be accessed.




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