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A Captain Qwark action figure is an optional item in Going Commando. It is a statuette of Captain Qwark. The Plumber is called to remove a Qwark action figure flushed down the toilet aboard the Flying Lab at Aranos, and he then sells it to Ratchet and Clank for 20,000 bolts. It initially appears useless, but can then be traded to a rabid Qwark fanboy, Stuart Zurgo, for the Armor Magnetizer. The action figure and Zurgo then appear in an episode in Behind the Hero.

The Captain Qwark action figure is acquired on the Flying Lab through an optional path. On the Flying Lab, the player must go through the unlocked door near their ship and fly to the Plumber using the Levitator, avoiding the lava which rises by only proceeding when safe to do so. The statue is then purchased by the Plumber. After this, the player must land on Todano, and go inside the armory which requires the Tractor Beam to proceed. In the second room with two pillars, the player must use the Tractor Beam to move the pillars in a position to jump on them to reach the vent. Here, Stuart Zurgo (and a platinum bolt) can be found, from which the Armor Magnetizer is purchased.

Behind the scenes

Grimroth with Qwark statuette

A Qwark statuette appears in Ratchet's toolbox in Into the Nexus.

Grimroth Razz in the Ratchet & Clank movie also holds his own Qwark action figure.