Qwark Tokens

Qwark Tokens featured in Vid-Comic 5

Qwark Tokens were collectable items featured in the Qwark Vid-Comics. Each Vid-Comic featured 100 tokens, with the exception of the Unnamed Vid-Comic, which had 86. For the five true Vid-Comics, collecting all 100 tokens awarded the player with a titanium bolt, and along with the final time for the Vid-Comic, affected how they were scored and rewarded at the end. Setting a record time and getting all Qwark Tokens on their first try would reward the player with the most bolts.


They came in three colors, each with a different function and abundance: Blue Qwark Tokens were the most abundant and were worth 1 Qwark Token. Red Qwark Tokens were usually hidden as they were worth 10 tokens. They disappeared in a wave of flames when collected.

Health upgradesEdit

Mmm, a nice juicy health upgrade… Remember cadets! There's one in every level!
Qwark upon receiving the first Health Upgrade, UYA

Green Qwark Tokens were actually not Qwark Tokens, but Health Upgrades. They weren't actually worth tokens either, and once Qwark picked one up, it was gone for good (even if the player started a new run of the Vid-Comic). Health upgrades would completely refill Qwark's health and boost his maximum health by one bar.