Qwark Bot
Qwark Bot (re-imagined) (3)

The Qwark Bot were robots owned by the Galactic Rangers. They looked like and had the voice of Captain Qwark. The robots had a spring for legs.

A Qwark Bot could first be seen at the entrance to the Galactic Ranger tryouts on Veldin, greeting contests to the competition. Multiple Qwark Bots could be found in Aleero City, planet Kerwan, outside the Hall of Heroes at the Captain Qwark fitness course where they would coach Ratchet throughout the course.


Watch it! I'm Galactic Ranger property!
―A Qwark Bot's response when hit  [R&C (PS4)]
Why are you so violent? Do you expect like extra points or something?
―A Qwark Bot's response when hit  [R&C (PS4)]



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