A zipline on the icy asteroid

Qwark's Hideout was a snowy level in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. It was located on Thran Asteroid Belt. The hideout was a massive green metal tower in an icy sea of liquid nitrogen that would instantly freeze and kill Ratchet if he was foolish enough to step into it. Qwark had bought strange cannons that shot lawn ninjas and stationed them around the base. The captain's elite robot force was also stationed here.



You could find the Gadgetron PDA device on this planet in the Captain's own vendor (complete with Crotchitizer) and buy it for 250,000 bolts.
Hygenator and Crotchitizer

Hygenator and a pair of B20 Crotchitizers

Skill points

On this level, you could earn one of the hardest skill points called 'Break The Dan'. The Snow Dan was in a very out-of-the-way area that can only be accessed by wall-jumping in mid-air.


  • Captain Qwark was hiding there after his 'death'. The tower was massive and tall but the Captain's own room was a tiny and cramped cabin to one side. 
  • The level is located in the Thran Asteroid Belt, but when Ratchet is flying to it in his ship, he flies to a planet.