Shuttle's artwork

Qwark's tour shuttle was stolen by Ratchet from a secret hangar in Qwark's HQ on Umbris, after he defeated the Blargian Snagglebeast. It was previously used as a tour shuttle[1] and had no additional armaments. Ratchet replaced it on Gemlik Base with a much faster Blarg starfighter in order to catch up with Qwark and Drek.


Qwark's tour shuttle was a bulky, streamlined vessel with a large underbelly, two large wings for its dual-engine pods, and a sizable cargo bay. It sported a red and yellow color scheme with Qwark's logo emblazoned on the side.


  • Interestingly, after the fight with Captain Qwark, when Ratchet takes the Blargian starfighter, you can use the Visibomb Gun to explore the moon base and find that Qwark's tour shuttle has disappeared from its initial landing spot.


Notes and references

  1. Qwark is seen flying it in the ending cinematic of the 5th Qwark vid-comic.