Qwark's headquarters on planet Umbris

Qwark's Headquarters, sometimes shortened to Qwark's HQ, was located on planet Umbris, and was home to a gauntlet that Ratchet and Clank needed to complete, as described in the Infobot video which had been previously shown to them by the superhero at his trailer at Blackwater City, if they were to team up with Qwark to defeat Executive Chairman Drek. However, the duo was quickly betrayed when the captain left them for Snagglebeast food.

It was also at Qwark's Headquarters that part of the Infobot commercial for Al's roboshack was filmed, depicting Qwark trying to fire a malfunctioning weapon at his own Snagglebeast.

After Captain Qwark was defeated by Ratchet his estate was seized by a bank. It was up for auction around Octogust, 76, 5354 and put up for auction. The estate was worth 850,970,000.99 bolts.[1]

Ring of Heroes

Well, well, you two continue to surprise me. Step into the Ring of Heroes, and I will finally give you what you deserve.
Qwark to Ratchet and Clank upon completing the Gauntlet., R&C

The Ring of Heroes was a circular platform within the Inner Chambers of Captain Qwark's HQ. Qwark revealed that those who had managed to best the Gauntlet would stand here before him as a sign of their superhero-ness. However, in reality, the Ring of Heroes was a trap-door controlled by Qwark via a remote control that would drop those standing on the ring into a dungeon, where a hungry Blargian Snagglebeast waited to feast upon those unlucky enough to fall for his lies.

Behind the scenes

Qwark HQ Sketch

Concept art

Concept drawings for a production environment turned out to be fairly complicated. Ratchet & Clank's platform gameplay required the level geometry to fit precise design metrics. As a result, many of Insomniac's early levels were visualized by an artist and game designer working closely together. John Fiorito collaborated with Mark Cerny on many of the levels. Mark would present a series of very detailed game mechanic and enemy setup diagrams and then John would arrange them into a coherent layout to fit a planet's theme. A lot of back and forth sketching resulted in a level map ready for production. Here is one of the finished maps ready for production, Qwark's HQ on planet Umbris. If you look closely, you can see Mark's original pencil layout beneath John's ink drawing.


Notes and references

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